Friday, 28 July 2017

An Invitation

Recent events occurring throughout the world are touching our lives in ways we may or may not have previously experienced or foreseen. Lifeshocks about our global climate, polarizing language and views in our political landscape, daily stories of refugees at a previously unknown scale, new diseases arriving on our shores, complex surgeries now considered routine, people who astound us – both young and young at heart, stories of domestic violence. Lifeshocks on a global scale, outside our control, that are reaching into the core of who we are and how we choose to be.
Way of a Warrior (WOW) strengthens our ability to engage with the events of our life and create our life anew because of them, not in spite of them. To take a powerful stand FOR what matters to us and to find the Gift of Life that is being given in each moment.
WOW offers time, space, and support to experience the depth of your nobility and passion; to honour others for the unique beings they are, and to affirm your courage to open to the possibilities for the future. You may have questions like: What changes do I want to make in myself and in my day-to-day life? What struggles do I want to let go of? What visions do I want to see come to fruition? What matters of the heart do I want to open to and embrace with all of my capacity to love?
We will stand with you for movements in the morning as we awaken to each new day and the possibilities it holds. We will walk/run with you as you stretch to find what 100% alive feels like in your body. We will work together with you in morning, afternoon, and evening sessions filled with deep, powerful, and real exploration into ourselves and the Life we are being given. We will hold you in unconditional love as we cry together, laugh together, dance together, and have the full experience of our individual and collective humanity. Seven days and nights, taking the work of the More To Life Weekend to a whole different level, in a beautiful setting, with trainers and team from around the world. It is an opportunity to come together with people from many countries and cultures, being in community in remarkably different ways, consciously, seeing things we may have never noticed before. 
For the second time WOW is being offered in New Zealand, at Living Springs Centre near Christchurch, surrounded by stunning native forest, looking out over the bays of Lyttelton Harbour.
Whether you regularly practice the work of the More To Life Programme, or not, or have just completed the More To Life Weekend, there is a place for you here. Wherever you are in the journey of your life, you are warmly invited to be a part of WOW NZ 2018.

Until our paths cross, please know that we hold you in deep respect and honour you for the journey you are on. We stand with you in appreciation of the human being you are and hope that we see you eye to eye and heart to heart next year.

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