Monday, 26 June 2017

Creating WOW 2018

Our Vision: 60 participants, 22 Team, 4-6 Trainers

With WOW on the calendar and a stake in the ground, I am personally called to some deep reflection on my life purposes, my bigger vision, and my personal contributions to community, what this means for me at this time, and what my next steps will be.

For me it’s no longer 'easy' to play it safe, keep my walls up to protect myself and the lies I tell myself, then to hide out, procrastinate, and prevaricate, play life small or play life puffed up and I choose the challenge on offer of being part of a strong creation team to work in partnership and deepen my personal mastery in service to others.

Creation Team is currently Tullia Wilson, Jenny Meadows, Clare Vivian-Neal, Ulrich Bergler and myself (Donna Southwick), with some international folk as well.  We are looking for more people to join us so if this is on your heart to be part of this 'groovy' group, let any one of us know.

If creation team is not it, there are still a number of ways you could be involved. Could it be or Is it.
A Warrior enrolling?
A Warrior Team Member on the 7 days in October 2018?
As a Warrior spark in your part of the country, hosting WOW Introductory Evenings?

I am also curious what life may be calling from you as a participant stepping forward on your Warrior path at this time in relation to Way of a Warrior?
What your next steps might be on this path of personal transformation?
You may have just recently done the More To Life Weekend; you may be 'an old hand' there is a part for each of us to play. What opportunity is here for you? What truly are your next steps?

To help you with your early registration, we have included the website below to support your intention to participate with all the benefits and savings to you when you pay your deposit or pay in full by 31st October 2017. Payment plans are available, so make sure you check out that information, too.
Please be in touch with Donna, Clare, or Ulrich to register a course participant, join the Creation Team for NZ WOW, or to apply for WOW NZ team.

Donna Southwick, Ulrich Bergler, Clare Vivian-Neal, Tullia Wilson, Jenny Meadows 

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