About WOW

is on a journey to somewhere.
The question is where?”

It will take you out into the forest at dawn.
It will send you back to the earliest moments of your life.
It will show you how the pattern of your life unfolds.
It will teach you how to take a stand for the person you really are.

This advanced six-day residential course of the More To Life Programme is being held at Living Springs, Teddington, Christchurch, New Zealand between 7 and 14 October 2018.

Way of a Warrior is an extraordinary emotional, physical and spiritual challenge that will awaken your deepest potential and allow you to break through to a level of awareness that would not be accessible under ordinary circumstances.

At Way of a Warrior you will share six of the most powerful days of your life with like-hearted people from all over the world. Together, we will learn how to experience our lives as warriors of the spirit.

WOW has been held in the US since 1988, since 2000 in South Africa, since 2010 in the UK. Thousands of More To Life students have chosen to experience WOW. In 2018 WOW is being offered in New Zealand.

Here are several links to information and shares posted on this site:
View and Listen - video recording taken at or for WOW
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The prerequisite for WOW is the More To Life Weekend.
Way of a Warrior takes you all the way into your deepest and most authentic self, assists you in bringing yourself to the genuine challenges that you have in your life, and delivers you to new and profound possibilities. It is about bringing your body, mind and spirit together in service of your higher purpose.

Your vision for your life will be re-kindled, you will be encouraged and supported by others. You will discover that the only true foe is the negativity and resignation that haunt our minds. Life calls us to more noble and fulfilling goals, into being our deepest and most authentic selves, as well as an integral part of the world community. WOW is an experience of that awakening of your vision - and more.

It’s all about “Yes!”

Each morning begins with movements to awaken and restore your body. You will greet each day in the fresh air as you awaken your bodies and hearts in shared movements and exercise.

You’ll meet in general session for exploration and engagement. Afternoons and evenings follow different patterns of individual processing or writing, partner work or large-group exercises. Each day will deepen and expand your previous work. And you will explore the power of your choices to live at your best—your highest and most noble self.

On Day Five, you’ll participate in a special exercise which will give you the opportunity to practice everything you’ve learned throughout the week. Yes, it is unique! It is about purpose and much, much more. In fact, it’s all about Yes!

“At first I wanted
                 to be near
                            the fire.

Then I discovered
        I am
                              the fire.”

“The difference between a Warrior and ordinary people is that a Warrior takes everything as a challenge, whereas ordinary people see everything as either a blessing, or a curse.” Carlos Castaneda

Comments from previous participants:

“Yes. Yes. Yes. I am in awe of what I learned at WOW...how I can live out of purposefulness and intention; how I can say Yes to all the universe brings my way; how I want others to know what’s truly possible for them.”

”Sweet-scented forests; loving people; healthy, wonderful food; running; learning; living. After my More To Life course, I intellectually understood some things, but during the week of WOW I lived it. WOW was an extension of my More To Life course from thinking into being.”

“I came alive with an open heart and learned to communicate and interact differently with family, co-workers and friends. I am happier, more satisfied, more loving and more caring after this training. I would recommend this course to anyone.”

“I found an ease and grace of living life to its fullest, seeing the gifts in all the events of my life. I have let go of a lot of fears that have been crippling my life and have found a quiet inner peace that I never dreamed possible.” Erica Behr

“I unearthed a tolerance of myself and others. Their energy nourishes me and I no longer wish to change or destroy that with which I do not agree. I am awake!” AJ Daymond

“WOW put me in touch with the human being I want to be.” Di Coelho

“WOW is the shortest cut to the Truth that I know.” Andrew Pike

“As a totality WOW was profound and had many metaphors which I found reflected my life, South African society, and the way the world works. It provided me with insights which enabled me to make choices about how I want to live my life NOW. For me WOW was about CHOICE. Yes or NO.” Simon Ratcliffe

There’s more.
And it’s waiting for you.

Take your next step and explore what’s on offer for you - please Donna Southwick, Tullia Wilson, Clare Vivian-Neal or Ulrich Bergler

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