Tuesday, 7 November 2017

43 registered at the close of NZ/AUS Early Bird 31st October 2017

I am sitting here reflecting on this extraordinary result created by a handful of extraordinary individuals who are in turn supported behind the scenes by a vast network of people – husbands, wives, partners, friends, and communities – around the world.  

Our amazing creation team consists of
~ Clare Vivian-Neal, Senior Trainer and enroller extraordinaire, committed to contact, connection, communicating, and leading, going beyond every time

~ Ulrich Bergler, Associate Trainer with skills on all fronts, handling finances, participant registration and team applications, IT pathways, Facebook group, and WOW blog site, plus much more

~ Robyn Madden, Trainer Candidate, supporting and underpinning graciously both front and behind, powerful in being present

~ Tullia Wilson, giving big doses of youthful enthusiasm and creativity, bold, audacious, authentic truth seeker and teller

~ Jenny Meadows, wonderfully wise woman, many years front and behind the scenes, handling logistics, managing information, wealth of experience in supporting and upholding advanced trainings

~ Moana Bianchin, Mentor, Coach, Author, discerning wise woman, and

~ Myself, loving being a part of this dynamic group

And… to the 43 Individuals who have put their stake in the ground early. Courageous, clear vision, strong intentions, powerful purpose.  This journey has well and truly begun.

We have 17 more places … Who will you call?... Who will come?... Who hasn’t yet taken the Weekend, but you see them at WOW2018 in New Zealand?

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