Saturday, 24 February 2018

The Gift of Connection that happens when Fundraising

Nicole Zuber joined us facilitating 2 fundraising calls for WOW. She is based in Minnesota and is freezing cold in the depths of the snowy northern winter. Nicole challenged us to think deeply about our intentions for what we want to fundraise for and why it matters to each of us. She brought many stories and ideas to support those interested in creating more funds- it was so much fun! We laughed and found the creativity infectious as we shared ideas. 

One of the light bulb moments for me was realising how I love getting alongside others in fundraising, but how much harder it is to raise money for myself. And when I do, I really like to give something in return. After the call I was thinking more about this and realised that I enjoy being alongside someone else’s fundraising endeavours because I support them in their heart’s longing. In the process I am often filled with gratitude for the trust and courage they show to be vulnerable with something so precious. So as a supporter of other’s dreams, I receive gratitude and share their enthusiasm and hear how it goes. 
There are many gifts in fundraising - for yourself and as a supporter and funder. I invite us all to go for supporting each other’s dreams however we can:)


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