Wednesday, 10 January 2018

WOW Team

We are 10 months out from holding WOW 2018, 7-14 October, at Living Springs, Allandale, South Island, NZ, and the energy is building… Yes!  The past year for me has been like a speed train… so now… a time for reflection and a look at what my vision and focus for 2018.

In my reflection on my purposes for being involved in the WOW creation and team, I have been re-reading the Kairos Mission Statement from a document dated 2012. I am breathing deeply into the words as I write.

Kairos Mission
To stand boldly for awakening people everywhere to the interconnectedness of all things, so they can release their full potential for living, evoke the same in others, and play an active part in the evolution of the world.

It is followed with The Five Values… Self-Mastery * Partnership * Clarity * Impeccability * Acknowledgement and Celebration

These sum up for me everything I have been wanting to create and generate in my life for a considerable amount of time. Being involved, making a commitment, and taking a stand has me saying YES, signing up to notice my lifeshocks, doing my personal work, and showing up to see what a new day brings. My son is doing WOW next year and I want to pass on a legacy of all the above.

What about you? What’s your vision, knowing this powerful advanced training is coming up? What will you choose? What legacy do you have a vision for?

While you’re pondering those questions, check out the end of this letter for Yemma Barsanti’s notes about her experience on the WOW-NZ 2012 team.

Where We Are Now…
We already have 56 participants registered (6 from overseas), with a lot more interest being expressed. Our original vision was for 60 participants and 22-25 team. With 10 months to go, we see much more being possible.  Specifically, we want to enroll more overseas participants… and more men ... so a new vision is emerging for 80+ participants and 25 team arriving from all over the globe. We already have 22 Team Applications and a considerable interest from Warriors internationally to join us on this journey. Three powerful Senior Trainers lead the course: Ann McMaster (US), Gerry Moline (UK), and Clare Vivian-Neal (NZ). They’ll be supported by Associate Trainer Ulrich Bergler (NZ) and Trainer Candidate Robyn Madden (NZ).

Serving on WOW team is a privilege and an exciting opportunity to practice our work.  To serve the new Warriors on their journey we aim to bring together the best possible international team mix. We are working through a structured process with everyone who applies. First is to get all applications in by 15th January 2018 (click here). Next, the Creation Team will select the team members and inform all applicants by 20th February 2018. Notified applicants will then have the opportunity to confirm their commitment. Going forward, we will spend 8 months together – WOW e-groups, team meetings focussing on specifics – preparing to bring WOW to New Zealand again.

From Yemma Barsanti
I loved my experience on team in Living Springs in 2012. For me it made a whole lot of sense of my experience as a WOW participant in Atlanta in 2007. I could see the bigger picture of the lifeshocks that had come my way at that time. I had a clearer appreciation of myself inside the processes, and it filled me with understanding and forgiveness for myself and others. I was able to rest old beliefs about myself. It confirmed many things that I had been pondering since my own WOW.

I loved seeing the workings that uphold the course, the whys and hows of the lifegames and other experiences. It was while on WOW team I learnt to recognise the beauty in the smallest of moments. Like sitting outside a door for some hours and finding value for myself. It was a new realisation.

My role was Team Support and how lucky was I to be in service with that role to a mighty team volunteering a week of their lives to, in turn, be of service to the participants! Being on team for WOW is similar to being on team for a Weekend but with more of everything....more time for connection with the team, participants, and trainers, more time for processing, meditation, support, more time to exercise, more time to eat together. A rich experience. Do consider it.

If you are considering joining us on this journey, please get your team application in by 15th January.
Please feel free to contact me if you want any more information and/or have questions or concerns.

Regards and Love Donna

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